Membership information


Becoming a Stingray

Edlington Amateur Swimming Club is currently offering Free Trials for entry into our Coaching section.

If you would like to join our very successful competitive swimming club then contact our Head Coach through the ‘Contact Us’ page where a convenient time and day will be arranged for you to come to Edlington Sports Centre for a free trial assessment from our Coaching Team.

Parents and new swimmers need to be aware that to be successful in being offered membership, it is likely that the person wishing to join us will already be swimming on a regular basis.

As a Club, EASC has an ethos of competition and we look to offer membership to swimmers that show the greatest aptitude to competitive swimming. Our Coaches will grade the swimmers on the basis of age and ability.

The Club is not obliged to extend membership to any potential swimmer yet we maintain a strict equality policy which conforms to the ASA policy. If, at an assessment, the Coaches judge that swimmers do not make the minimum grade, then EASC is not obliged to fill the available places. If a swimmer is not offered membership, our Coaches will where possible provide feedback.

Swimmers that are not offered membership can, in the future, contact the Head Coach to attend for re-assessment.